PayPal Money Generator 2015-PayPal Money Maker 2015

RSCoders Team from Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada is coming back with a new powerfull tool,PayPal Money Adder!
We decided to give away this tool after receiving many requests on our official YouTube channel!
Updated 01-05-2015!

   So what is PayPal Money Generator and what can it do?

With Paypal Money Generator you will be able to increase your balance by injecting credit in your account using SSQL/HTML injection!
The money added to your account can be used for online purchases but within 24 hours!
You can't withdraw the money,and you MUST spend them in a 24 hours period in order to keep your account active!
This hack works 100% guaranteed!
This program is free and it will always remain free!

Image Preview:

Virus scan:


-download the Hack Manager from our download link below..
-after that install it(you can scan it if you want,there are no viruses).
-after installation the application will automatically start and download the PayPal Money Generator from our server.
-type your PayPal email address.
-select how much money you want from 50$,100$,150$ and 200$.
-press the "HACK" button and wait untill the progress bar fills and the confirmation message appears.
-log into PayPal using the email address or if already logged,refresh the Page.

This hack works with both Verified and Unverified accounts but spend your money as quickly as you can!

Video proof and instructions:

File information:

-Compatibility: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MacOS and Linux.
-Latest update: 5th of January 2015
-This file has been downloaded:92314 Times



 Disclaimer:This program has education purpose only,you take full responsability for how you are using it!